The mission of the Historic South Initiative is to develop and implement a comprehensive approach to inner-city neighborhood revitalization by promoting the advancement of human potential through improved housing, better education, health initiatives, employment opportunities and family life.

The Historic South Initiative consists of four major efforts: rehabilitation of housing, primary and adult education, augmentation of community services, and creation of jobs and employment opportunities. 

The housing initiative is focused on creating home ownership in the Old South End. This will be done by rehabbing current houses. While there are many houses that are beyond repair in this area, we have identified several houses that can be restored. This will maintain the character of the neighborhood while creating a sense of pride and community. 

The focus on education consists of helping grade school children with getting a solid primary education which will include out-of-school supplemental programming. It is imperative that our young children get a good start academically if they are going to be contributing adults. We are taking a targeted approach that will be results-driven. Adult education will consist of helping the neighbors with obtaining their GEDs along with job training. 

Since there are already many community services in this neighborhood, our efforts will be to deliver additional resources that help them pursue their mission. 

The effort to create jobs and employment opportunities includes job training and placement. We are partnering with local businesses for job placement. Another part of the initiative is to work with commercial real estate brokers to find opportunities to place new businesses in the neighborhood. 

HSI Board of Trustees

Ray Arce
Mike Badik
Debra Gossman
Janet Hickey
Arthur Hills
Pat McIntyre - Chairman
Fr. Juan Molina
Richard Torchia
Chris Amato